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Blue Exorcist Rin Demon Form

Blue Exorcist Rin Demon Form, rin learns to control his fire, 4.6 MB, 03:21, 356,053, nelson zou, 2017-03-19T04:14:13.000000Z, 19, The Exorcist Wallpaper (70+ images),, 2000 x 1638, jpeg, 8 rin okumura (blue exorcist) rin okumura was once just a normal, high school student until the death of his father revealed that he totally wasn't. Rin is the literal spawn of satan, raised in a world where priests wield guns and. Mephisto pheles (メフィスト・フェレス mefisuto feresu), whose real name is samael (サマエル samaeru), is an exorcist and the second strongest of the eight demon kings; He holds the title the king of time (時の王 toki no ō). , 8, blue-exorcist-rin-demon-form, Irudis